Our Story

Our history and heritage go into every stitch of our boots, shoes, and bags

Founded by Linda and Elia Alcala, the Alcala’s were born to elevate women’s footwear. As teenagers, they grew up working at the legendary family business Alcala’s Western Wear in Chicago. Ever since she could remember Linda Alcala restyled her western shirts and cowboy boots with an inspiration to create her own eclectic wardrobe, showing her first streak of rebellion against western traditional style- and foreshadowing her future as a women’s boot designer. In 2016, they launched their first boot collection, Alcala’s Footwear. They have made it their mission to design for the real women with real lives by creating a collection with different heel silhouettes such as a mid-heel to a blocked heel boot. In love with using natural cow hair leathers and other classics such as genuine python leather, Alcala’s Footwear is constructed of both traditional skills and guaranteed handmade quality. 

Our Values

Quality. Every single stich is made by hand. Nothing produced by a mindless machine, nothing delivered without a quality check. We want to be different in a good way. So many designers design a shoe, send it off to a die cutter, then a machine puts it all together without any love. Not here. We LOVE our boots, and we LOVE our customers, so adding a little love goes a long way. From the finest leather to the highest quality stitcher, our boots and shoes will look great and last forever. 

Design. Each boot we design in house. You can not find this anywhere else, because WE make them. Long nights with prototypes is our saying in our home. Nothing gets sent to production without a fine toothed comb going over our final design, and even then we keep trying to improve. 

Leather. We hand pick every single piece of leather that goes on our shoes and boots. We travel the world, go to trade shows, meet suppliers, and meticulously go over every inch of leather, both cow and exotic, that will eventually make it in your wardrobe. We understand that every piece of leather is unique and because of that we do not skip this step, as to us, it is just as important as ensuring our design is beautiful. 

Service. We absolutely love our customers, truly. We know this is an industry standard to say, but we really really mean it. Nothing brings us more joy than meeting our amazing customers at shows, pop ups, or even on the street. Because of that we feel it is important to always connect with you. Shoot us a message on our socials or via email and we will always respond. We also offer free shipping and returns/exchanges. Thank you for your support, it really means the world.