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LIMITED EDITION!!! What would you get ? i don't know...Take a risk to purchase one of our Mystery pairs, Trust me you wont regret it! 

From different styles to different colors.

* The content of Alcala's Mystery Box represents a certain value, for example you buy our $80 Mystery Box (Shipping is included) and you receive products with a value of up to $250. 

Keep in mind the boot styles that can be included in the Mystery Box purchase can vary from George Cowhair, Richard Cowhair, Alondra Combat Cowhair, Alondra Chelsea Cowhair, Matt Cowhair, Johnny Cowhair, Ernesto Cowhair. 

Nothing is wrong with the boots, the hide colors will vary, some are white solid cowhair, or others can be a red/ brindle cowhair color. Since Alcala's Boots wholesale's also and the stores specify the salt and pepper combinations, we are left with solid color cowhair boots. 

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