Strange Days

Strange Days

It's been a chaotic and unnerving time for everyone, and I know a lot of us are worried - about our health, about our businesses, about our jobs. No one knows what the longer term impacts of this COVID-19 crisis will be. In the meantime this has inspired me Linda Alcala founder and designer of Alcala's Footwear to share with my customers more about how my operation will be affected by the pandemic. I grew up in the family business Alcala's Western in Chicago, I was lucky to work and learn from the best teacher Richard Alcala my father. Later on I decided to open a boutique with my sister Elia Alcala, when the idea of designing a women's boot line came to mind, I took a trip to Mexico to start manufacturing. I am a woman who wears many hats and I have learned that some things are out of my control. Our supply chain like many other companies will be affected tremendously. For boot production in Mexico the factories closed and are delaying to open for safety reasons. As a result, production will be delayed, with that comes a backlog where suppliers can only focus on orders, samples, and future orders, smaller clients are put on a lower priority. We stand strong together and pray for the best. Alcala's Footwear is excited to share their new spring styles and will continue to work hard for the love of boots!!!

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