Great Style Is Never Out Of Place

Great Style Is Never Out Of Place

Why not wear a tutu whenever you feel like it?  Who cares if its not a special occasion, it makes you happy.  Now keep in mind if you do decide to wear a tutu out, like this pink one I wore in the picture. Get ready for many compliments and stares.  

Hair and makeup done by Lula,

Picture was taken at Rosie's West Town Deli  located in the Ukrainian Village, 1021 N Western  Ave,

We have three tutus available at the boutique red, navy, and black. Take a look if not call us for more details on custom making a tutu skirt.  I absolutely love to dress up, so when I had to brainstorm about our next ad. I decided to grab our tutu and mix it up with a vintage fur poncho. Of course I asked my girly Lula from Lula Doom and Dolls to do my hair and makeup (she also took the picture, no photographer was around). You are probably wondering about the location, I chose one of my favorite places for sandwiches and pastries.  Rosie's West Town Deli has a wide selection of Italian subs, deli meats, cheeses, cannoli's,  and scrumptious  pizza bread. Remember great style is never out of place ; )

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